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When you head to mediation, you're hoping to resolve your dispute and move on with your life. Let us help you do that with our commitment to your resolution 

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At Marzuk Mediation, we are focused on the same outcomes as other mediation companies.  However, it's our approach to the process and the parties that we believe separates us. 


We try to mediate at a neutral attorney's office, or the office of one of the parties, keeping overhead lower, meaning lower rates.



The use of modern technology also keeps us ahead of the curve; we can mediate by phone or video conference to maximize the comfort of the parties when necessary.


We don't require a two-hour minimum either, and there are no cancellation fees - we only recover costs that can not be recouped if a mediation is cancelled. 



Nick Marzuk, Esq.


Founder Nick Marzuk was born and raised in Boca Raton, living in Florida his whole life. After attending undergrad at the University of Florida and then going to Stetson University College of Law, he returned to South Florida to begin his career.

Nick Marzuk has been practicing law since 2012, having worked on the Defense for insurance companies as well as representing Plaintiffs.  In 2020, Mr. Marzuk became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator, and started Marzuk Mediation. 

Personally, Mr. Marzuk enjoys cooking, country music, and spending time with his wife and two kids.


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"Marzuk Mediation has unrivaled accommodations and customer service, which is important when I choose a mediator for my clients' cases" - Michael Fischetti, Esq.

"Before becoming a mediator, Nick helped me resolve a dispute with a landlord before it progressed into something more" - Shea McKeon

"As someone who worked for an insurance company for over 10 years, and dealt with mediations, I don't question Mr. Marzuk's fairness to both sides as a mediator" - Brooke Reed

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